About SPINCORE Enterprises Pte. Ltd

We are Singapore Based Trading company

We are one the largest Exporter of All Types of Filament Twisted Yarns , Greige Fabrics PFD Fabrics &  Dyed Fabrics , having associate Manufacturing facilities in Korea & Indonesia . We have been in this business for last 25 years & our products are well known in all the leading Textile markets due to our good & consistent yarn Quality   . Our Technical know-how , Japanese Machine set up & High Quality Raw Material , keep our product a step ahead of other competitors. Happy & Satisfied long term loyal customer base of more than two & half  decades is the testimony of our Quality.

We cater to almost all sectors of Filament Twisted Yarns , Spun Yarns , Greige , PFD & Dyed fabrics .  We export our products globally to almost all leading textiles markets.      We source our raw materials mainly from Korea , Indonesia , India & China from our nominated & top quality supplier and never change them to maintain the consistency in quality of our finished goods.

Our Markets

Export Market Countries